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Feather Duster Cat Wand Toy

$ 7.90 $ 15.00

The Feather Duster Cat Wand is designed to appeal to your cat’s instincts to hunt. For those cats who only have eyes for our feathery friends, this feathery delight will be sure to have your cat on the hunt. Measuring 18" long to keep our fingers away from accidental cat scratches, the cat wand is tipped in a bouquet of beautiful feathers that mimic the fluttering of a bird mid-flight; you might even catch your cat chattering at you like they would at a bird! The Feather Duster Cat Wand is the perfect way to tease and entice your cat to play, with an assorted length of colorful feathers, your cat will have tons of fun chasing, pouncing, and biting this kitty teaser toy.

Feather Duster Cat Wand Toy Includes:

    • 1 Feather Duster Cat Wand Toy
    • 18” long
    • Comes in Assorted Colors


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