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Cat Lady Bling Bundle

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Why We Love It

Every cat lady needs a way to express their love for cats, whether it's an understated pair of cat-eared earrings or a whiskered cat ring! Our Cat Lady Bling Bundle offers a bevy of our favorite cat lady accessories: a cat ring for almost every finger and a pair of gorgeous Cubic Zirconia cat stud earrings! Whether you're looking for a more feline vintage vibe, a kitty statement piece, or a more understated cat ring that still says "cat lady", our Cat Lady Bling Bundle has an accessory for any outfit and any mood! 

Cat Lady Bling Bundle Includes:

1 Spiral Cat Ring:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Adjustable Size (To Adjust: slowly pull on the ears or tail until you have the perfect fit, then squeeze as needed so there‚Äôs no sliding.)

1 Pair Cat Stud Earrings:

  • 18k¬†White Gold Plated
  • Cubic Zirconia

1 Sphynx Cat Ring:

  • 18k¬†White Gold Plated
  • Adjustable size

1 Vintage Bengal Cat Ring:

  • Size 7
  • Bronze Plated¬†

1 Gold Crown Cat Ring:

  • 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver
  • Size 7

1 Gold Lucky Cat Ears Ring:

  • 18K Gold Plated¬†
  • Size 8
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