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Welcome to the Meowingtons Podcast, the podcast for cats - and their people! Join the Meowingtons team each week as they interview special guests from the cat community, answer listener questions, and talk about all things cat. Tune in every week for a new cat-filled episode! 

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Newest Episode:


Holy meow 2 "seasons"; I cannot believe that Cort and I can talk for this long! This is one of our longer eps and it is packed with weird cat lore. 

Of course, we're all familiar with how we've treated witches and cats in the past but what about the rest of the world? How did cats end up on the Vietnamese calendar and not the Chinese? Why did Japanese sailors fear and respect cats? All this and more (like almost 10 mins more) of fun cat stories in our Season 2 Closer!

Japanese Cat Lore Link!

Ask all your kitty questions: @meowingtonsco

Season 1, Episode One

In our first-ever episode, we speak with the owner of Apollo Peak (you know, the cat wine people) about how cats’ livers need to get it together and a bunch of other stuff, including your questions!


 Season 1, Episode Two

In our second episode, Greg Wade, the owner of Blunderpuss, joins us to talk about things we can’t remember, why cats yowl, and how to open a champagne bottle. Happy 4-year anniversary, Meowingtons!


Season 1, Episode Three

In our third episode, Chris Green, the owner and host of The Groomer Next Door, joins us to feed cats in crystal glasses, eat bugs, and bask in his daughter's ambition (which is significantly greater than ours). It's a meowing good time this week on the Meowingtons Podcast!



Season 1, Episode Four

So we're a little late this week due to technical difficulties ... which may or may not involve a cat and a keyboard! This week we chat with Meowingtons CEO, Emma Bassiri. Join us to learn a bit about the company, what we're doing for the community, and some really weird Yahoo Answers questions. You can follow Emma on Instagram @emmabassiri for a look behind the scenes at Meowingtons! 

Don't forget to submit YOUR questions to our Instagram: @Meowingtonsco 


Season 1, Episode Five

We're on time, hooray! This week we speak with Instagram cat mom, Lauren DiPaolo of the super adorable account: Littleman_Mika. Join us as we learn together about what it takes to raise a special needs cat, how pirates gave their cats water, and human babies (of course, it's the natural progression).


Season 1, Episode Six

This week we speak with Instagram cat rapper, Moshow, the sphynx cat daddy himself! Join us as we learn about how to care for your "hairless" cat, beefy plastic bags, and freestyle (well, we don't, but a professional does - thankfully). 


Season 1, Episode Seven

Hey house cats and big cats alike! This week we have a very special guest, CEO of Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Carole Baskin! Join us to learn what it takes to run a rescue for big cats, a bit of the company's history, and harrowing, Jurassic Park-like anecdotes!

Don't forget to visit BigCatRescue.org and text CATS to 52886 and say "Hello. My name is ____ and my zip code is ___. Please ask your boss to cosponsor the Big Cat Public Safety Act. Thank you!"

IG: @meowingtonsco & @bigcatrescue / Facebook.com/Meowingtonsinc & Facebook.com/Bigcatrescue

 Season 1, Episode Eight

In this week's episode we take your red stapler and throw it out the dang window because it's the office episode! Join Cortney, 'The Googler' and Sam, 'The Host' for a rousing and sometimes off-topic discussion about your most burning cat questions! 

Season 1, Episode Nine

You're back! We're so happy to have you! Please, take a parking spot for this week's episode featuring cat trainer: Julie Posluns! In our 9th episode, we discover what it takes to be a cat trainer (apparently it starts with dogs!), what a clicker is best used for, and of course, we answer your most burning cat questions!

IG: @meowingtonsco & @cat.school

Season 1, Episode Ten 

We're not gonna sugarcoat it: 33% of your cats are downright cold-hearted murderers - and we're totally using that as this week's theme! Join us and our totally chill Yoga4Cats guru, Melanie Bilbrey for some skydiving, stories, and statistics. Don't forget to send in those questions and rate us!

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Season 1, Episode Eleven

Is...is that the tail end of 'convention season' I see? Why, yes it is! We're back at it with our 11th episode of the Meowingtons Podcast, here and late for your listening pleasure. Join us as we speak with the CEO of Space Cat Academy and trainer of all the animals, Tori Peterson, about training tips, cat history, and space!

IG: @meowingtonsco & @spacecatacademy

Get your training on at SpaceCatAcademy.com

Season 1, Episode Twelve

We hit 1000 downloads, woo! Up next: 10,000 downloads!!

This week, things get rad as we talk to pet photographer Mandy Dempsey! Taking time away from her vacation schedule, Mandy regales us with stories of conventions, pet projects, and polydactyl kitties, we also find out what kind of car Mandy would be if she could be a car! So many exclamation points and coffee, ahh!!!

Don't forget to submit YOUR questions to our Instagram: @Meowingtonsco 

Season 1 Closer

Hey everyone! Boy oh boy have we been busy! Here's our Season 1 closer! These past 13 episodes have been a heckin good time and we can't wait to make more! Keep an eye out for Season 2 coming soon! Byeeeeee

Season 2, Episode 1

Listen, I know it's a weird title for our season opener, but just bear with us. We've updated our format to make our lives a bit easier and hopefully more fun to listen to - we definitely had a lot of fun recording it! 

So, in our usual fashion: join us for really bad puns, cat herpes, and mummies! 


Season 2, Episode 2

Guys I used the wrong mic settings this episode - please forgive me! 

In this episode, I forget to talk and do research but the Googler picks up the slack! We try to talk about cats and food but we end up talking about left handed cats, pooping with your cat, and space! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

(PS: I never remembered that podcast and I have no idea if my cats are left handed or right handed).

Season 2, Episode 3

Okay obviously it's all about cats...right? Right? 

Join Cort and I as we discuss human hairballs, the benefits of using Next Door (it's not just to read about your neighbors fighting!), and armchair veterinarians. Also I get waaaay too excited about cats in costumes, prepare for about 5 gasps in a row.

Also I yet again complain about World's Best Cat Litter discontinuing their amazing pine scented litter (please join me in my unreasonable crusade to bring back pine scented litter). 

*Gets off cat litter soapbox*

Season 2, Episode 4

Heyyouguyswhat'sup? I'm on my first cup of coffee of the day so I'm so awake right meow!

Join Cort and I as we casually segway into the debate on declawing, the numbers on our obsession with cats, and how Seattle is just the best place ever. 

Also, there's a part where our office cats start fighting over a sun spot and we comfort them for about 3 minutes straight, feel free to skip through our baby talk. 

Season 2, Episode 5

Boy, that title format just keeps changing, huh? Well that's okay, it's not the title that counts, it's the content - and boy do we have content for you! 

Join Cort and I this week to hear about kitty bellies and belly pets, Vines, and a possum (opossum?) chilling with a cat. 

Season 2, Episode 6

Hey, whoa, this isn't normal? Posting on a Wednesday - must be a Halloween miracle! 

Join Cort and I this week to talk about the origin of cats in Halloween, how to get your cat in a costume, and how one of Cort's sweet baby thinks bells are the devil. Spoooooky!


Season 2, Episode 7

Whoa whoa whoa, Halloween’s not over yet (okay maybe according to a calendar it is) but here at Meowingtons, we keep the Halloween spirit alive and well!

Join Cort and I as we talk about Halloween and the church’s history of cats and upcoming events. Also guys please forgive our clear lack of where the settlers landed, feel free to skip those 15-20 seconds where we prove how bad we are at history.

Side note: I totally got the witch hunter thing backward! They were paid per “witch”, not weekly for hunting innocent people!

Also shout out to Wikipedia: “A papal bull is a type of public decree, letters patent, or charter issued by a pope of the Roman Catholic Church.”

Here’s that weird Papal Bull’s Wiki page (visit the “Notes and references” section for the actual Latin text): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vox_in_Rama#Text_of_the_bull


Season 2, Episode 8

Hi-diddly-ho podcasterinos! With Halloween in the rearview mirror and Thanksgiving right in the middle of the road (get out of the way ya dang holiday!) we've got some actual, useful information for you!

Join Cort and I on tricks and tips to prepare your food-focused kitty for the big day, what foods are a 'go' and a 'no-go' for your cat, and what fun and safe treats you can make for your cat with all those leftovers!

Season 2, Episode 9

Black Friday is here and you know what that means? It's Friday but you're spending way, way more than normal! 

Join Cort and I as we deal with our rampant train infestation, briefly talk about cat islands, and begin our journey to cat cafe ownership!

Don't forget to visit Meowingtons.com for all your impulsive cat gifts!

Season 2, Episode 10 

We actually had a good idea that we def trademarked, or is it registered...? Ah well, join Cort and I this week as we talk about the fun points of owning a cat cafe, different kinds of pet cafes, and some cafe ideas of our own...

Season 2, Episode 11

Have you ever been curious about the fuzzy underbelly of cat islands? Well, strap in for almost 30 mins of that because this week, Cort and I talk about the positives and negatives of cat islands.

I would make this description more exciting but we're out of K-Cups and I'm pretty sure I'm dying.

Season 2, Episode 12

Guys, I'm not gonna lie, I totally forgot to upload this. I'm so sorry to the few of you that do listen. I got it all nice and edited for you and then it completely left my mind.

Cort and I wrap up cat islands/sanctuaries and I forget about what I wrote - y'all, this week has been hectic, no fooling. Love you and happy holidays! 

Season 2, Episode 13

Hello listeners! Cort reminded me to make sure this was posted so it's on time this week! Yay Cort! 

Join us this week as Cort hibernates, I die, and we laugh really hard at how superstitious people were/are about cats.