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Hide & Seek Cat Tunnel Toy

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Constructed from a double layer of durable kraft paper, this paper bag tunnel is designed to hold up to your cat’s most valiant playtime efforts. Ideal for cats that love to sneak and hide before pouncing on their prey, the Hide and Seek cat tunnel is designed with a cat’s instinct in mind. It provides your cat with a safe, secretive hiding spot that also doubles as a playground. It might not sound like fun for us humans, but for cats it’s an ideal hunting ground! Toss your cat’s favorite toy in the tunnel and watch them dart after it, all the while enjoying the crinkle of the paper. Complete with a round window so your cat can look out at the world from the comfort of their tunnel, your cat will never want to leave! And unlike cumbersome cat toys and furniture, the Hide and Seek Cat Tunnel is completely collapsible and lies flat for quick and easy storage. Whether your cat uses it to hide and seek or hide and sleep, the Hide and Seek Cat Tunnel promises a unique and enriching experience for your cat to enjoy.


Hide & Seek Cat Tunnel Toy Includes:

    • 1 Hide & Seek Cat Tunnel Toy
    • Measures 24 x 10.6 x 8.7 inches
    • Collapsible, folds flat for quick and easy storage

    CATS Toy Line.

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