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Photo Frame Cat Keychain

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We are all a little crazy for our cats; often referred to as crazy cat ladies - so why not embrace it, right? This keychain doubles as a photo frame for you to proudly show all your friends a picture of your fine feline. The Photo Frame Cat Keychain is the modern day equivalent to carrying your cat's photo around in your wallet! This fancy keychain is in the shape of a cat's face with a circular base and ears. You can place your cats face in the center of glass the frame by opening the magnetic clasp. Your cat's face will look purr-fectly fancy in the center, surrounded by a ring of Swarovski diamonds. Now you'll always have a picture on hand to show your kitten off!

My Great Cat Keychain Includes:

  • 1 Photo FrameCat Keychain
  • Made using Stainless Steel



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