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Milton's Premium Catnip

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We're proud to announce Milton's Premium Catnip! Milton's premium, farm-fresh catnip is locally grown and harvested in Golden, Colorado. All-natural and pesticide free, and harvested at the height of its flavor, color and potency, Milton's Premium Catnip is paw-selected for only the best buds - no seeds and stems in this catnip shaker! Packaged in a sealed-for-freshness bottle to ensure a long-lasting scent, the convenient shaker design allows for easy catnip delivery and less mess – never pour too much. Simply sprinkle a bit of this quality catnip on your cat's favorite toy for your cat to enjoy. The screw-on cap seals in the freshness – and keeps out your cat’s prying claws. Catnip is completely cat-safe and non-addictive and is proven to be an all-natural stress reliever that stimulates playful behavior. 

Milton's Premium Catnip Includes:

    • 1 Bottle of Milton's Premium Catnip (0.65 Meownces)
    • Each bottle contains all-natural, pesticide-free catnip harvested at peak of its flavor, color and potency
    • Catnip locally grown and harvested in Golden, Colorado

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