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Cat Hair Don't Care Tee

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With this cute cat graphic tee, people will finally stop asking if you are part Sasquatch. “No, it’s just cat hair. And I just don’t care!” Who needs a lint roller? Once you accept the fact that cat hair will be on everything you own, you realize that, hey, cat hair is the new black! This casual, comfy cat tee is designed with trendy brush lettering to emphasize that modern-day sense of “cattitude.” If you’ve got Cat Hair and you just don’t care, wear this cute cat graphic tee and let the world know that, yeah, you have a cat or two. Or three or four. Pair this comfy cat tee with its casual rolled sleeves and soft gray color with a pair of cutoffs or leggings - it also goes GREAT with cat hair of any color. 

Cat Hair Don't Care Tank Includes:

  • 100% Cotton T-shirt
  • Stitched Rolled-Up Sleeves
  • Limited Edition Design
  • Sizes are Unisex
  • S: 47 Chest, 66 Length, 40.5 cm Sleeve Length
  • M: 50 Chest, 69 Length, 42.5 cm Sleeve Length
  • L: 53 Chest, 72 Length, 44.5 cm Sleeve Length
  • XL: 56 Chest, 74 Length, 46.5 cm Sleeve Length

Designed by Meowingtons



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