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Smart Laser Teaser Ball

$ 15.00 $ 22.00

Why Love It

This Smart Laser Teaser Ball seems to have a life of its own! With the press of a button, this self-rotating ball will take off and have your cat on its paws and giving chase. Thanks to its spherical shape and self-balancing system, whenever the Smart Laser Teaser Ball meets an obstacle, be it chair, door, wall or corner, it automatically readjusts its course; no getting stuck in corners for this toy, and you won’t constantly have to bend to get it unstuck. This self-rotating ball also features an attractive LED light to further entice and amuse your cat.   

Smart Laser Teaser Ball Includes:

    • 1 Smart Laser Teaser Ball
    • Batteries included (3x AG13 batteries)
    • Measures 6.4cm in diameter
    • Operates on smooth surfaces and short carpets/rugs only



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