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Cute Pizza Cat Bed

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Why We Love It

Who doesn’t love pizza? Give your favorite feline a slice of heaven with the Pizza Cat Bed - or in this case, the whole pie! Each Pizza Cat Bed is a deep dish delight designed with your cat’s comfort in mind, from the soft, plush fabric to the foam cushions offering orthopedic support.

Your cat will spend hours curled up in this pepperoni pizza cat bed, happily nestled among the warm pizza crust and snuggled up to the pepperoni and anchovy pillows!

The silky, plush fabric and round cat bed shape are designed to hold in your cat’s body heat, ensuring the bed is kept nice and warm - just like a pizza fresh out of the oven! Each Pizza Cat Bed includes 3 pepperoni pillows and 3 anchovy pillows, which are stuffed with squeakers - making them the perfect toy for cats and small dogs alike.

The pillows are attached but are made to be easily cut free with scissors.  And if your persnickety feline doesn't prefer to cuddle up to the pillows, the pepperoni and anchovy pillows can be rubbed in catnip and double as cat kicker toys, too! But once your kitty curls up in this cozy cat bed, they’ll be fast asleep in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.


This Cute Pizza Cat Bed Includes:

    • 1 Pizza Cat Bed 
    • 3 Pepperoni Pillow Kicker Toys
    • 3 Anchovy Pillow Kicker Toys
    • Pepperoni pillows feature squeakers
    • Pillows come attached, but can easily be cut away
    • Approximately 40 cm x 11 cm (16" x 4") 
    • Materials: Polyester


Designed by MEOWINGTONS 

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