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Milton's Catnip Bubbles

$ 10.95


Is there anything as delightful as chasing bubbles? How about chasing bubbles with your cat? Milton’s Catnip Bubbles are an exciting, interactive way to get your cat back on its paws! Crafted from a specially formulated cat-safe bubble solution of organic catnip oil and non-toxic soap, your cat will go wild for the fragrant catnip aroma. Each batch of Catnip Bubbles is infused with organic catnip oil from plants grown in Golden, Colorado. Our catnip is harvested at the peak of its potency to provide your cat with a delightfully fragrant and aromatic shower of catnip bubbles!

Each bottle contains 3.5 meownces of catnip bubble solution and an enclosed bubble wand, which come in assorted colors! Using the enclosed wand, blow bubbles gently toward your cat for a bouncing, pouncing new way to enjoy catnip – without the mess of ordinary loose-leaf catnip. 


Milton’s Catnip Bubbles Includes:

    • 1 Bottle Milton’s Catnip Bubbles (3.5 Meownces)
    • 1 Bubble Wand (Enclosed, Assorted Colors)

FOR CATS Catnip Collection


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