Why Everyone is Raving About These Cat Shirts. July 25 2016, 0 Comments

In a world full of clever cat puns, it is hard to stand out sometimes. I mean, we have all seen the cat in space with laser beams coming out of its eyes. 

These cat t-shirts are a breath of fresh air! They are all original illustrations by British Designer, Greg Wade. His cat is actually on one of the shirts as Cat'n America. The illustrations cover a wide verity of cat purrrsonalities.  

On a site that sells mainly women's products, these shirts are unisex so you can finally get something for your cat dad too! 

1. Bruce, for the rebel cat lover.

meowingtons blunderpuss cat shirt

2. Philip, the type of cat you would bring home to your parents. 

meowingtons blunderpuss cat shirt

3. Fun Fact! The Claw Trooper is actually based on the CEO & Founder of Meowingtons' cat.

meowingtons blunderpuss cat shirt

4. Gary Potter, the unofficial uniform for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

meowingtons blunderpuss

5. Cat'n America !!! 

meowingtons blunderpuss

6. Gene Kittens, puurfect for all you rock star cats! 

7. Percy, we all have that one friend... 


8. Betty, she doesn't need glasses she just thinks they look cute.

9. Hugo, not the cat you'd take home to your parents. 

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