Why Cats Love Laser Pointers January 04 2017, 3 Comments


Cats love laser pointers, this is old news. We all know pulling out the laser leads to a good time. But what is it about laser pointers that make cats go nuts? 

Cats are natural born hunters. If you have an indoor cat, chances are they get a little crazy sometimes (most likely at 3AM). This is because they feel the need to 'hunt' even if they are fed by you every day. The laser moves, therefore it is a sign of life so once they see it, it is your cats instinct to catch it. 

The importance of play time with you cat is HUGE. Cats need to be simulated, kittens learn important skills and adults need that exercise to stay healthy! Furthermore, play can be mentally stimulating for cats.

It is equally important to play safe with lasers. Cats can hurt themselves if you are pointing the laser too high or moving it too fast for them to gain a good idea of the surroundings.  Start behind them and move the laser in a zigzag motion away from them, and whatever you do NEVER shine the laser in or near their eyes. 

 Most laser pointers are not created equal, most are so small you lose them and the batteries don't last long. We designed one that is big enough for your human hands to hold (and not lose) and we also added 2 AAA batteries so they will last way longer than the standard laser pointer. 

Get your Interactive Laser Pointer before they are all gone!