10 Ways Cats Are Naturally Master Yogis. December 20 2016, 2 Comments

Cats are naturally limber and bendy. This skill is mainly used for licking strange places or to fit into small spots. Yet some cats have taken a liking to the practice of yoga. 

Here are some of our favorite yogi-cats doing their thing. 

1. This yogi cat starts each morning with a set of simple and easy moves to get his day started right. Also, he hurt his back in a hunting accident so yoga helps him feel young again!

 yog cat

2. Cats are the masters of Savasna, or corpse pose. 

savasana meowingtons 

3. They basically invented sun-salutations. 

 4. Did I mention how flexible they are?

5. Thye often help humans get deeper into poses. 

 meowingtons cat

6. They actually tried to get the 'downward dog' changed to 'downward CAT'. Although they didn't win the lawsuit, they still claim it is theirs! 

downward cat meowingtons

7. Sometimes they offer private lessons to their humans if they wear this cat suit

 meowingtons catsuit

8. They know the importantace of just throwing your feet up & relaxing.


9. Humans find once they find yoga, they can't ever look back. It's all thanks to cats. Paws Tank Top is always a good tank for yoga.

paws tank meowingtons

10. Need a new pair of leggings for yoga? Check out or cat leggings


yoga leggings cat leggings meowingtons


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