Whiskers - What They Do & Why November 29 2016, 1 Comment


Whiskers, strange but cute little hairs that come out of your cat's face.

Have you ever wondered what they are for? Whiskers help in all the important feline functions such as expression, navigation, and even hunting. They act as a kitty radar.

Whiskers are made up keratin, same as our fingernails! 

Although they do not have any nerves (much like your nails), they are much more deeply rooted than your cat’s fur. This makes the whiskers extremely sensitive to touch. In fact, they are so sensitive they can pick on the slightest hint of breeze. All of this helps cats navigate in low-light situations, without bumping into objects. Which is why they are not only on the nose! 

They don't only grow on their muzzles. Cats have whiskers on their chins, eyebrows, and even their forepaws! 

Cats use their whiskers in the same way that we use our touch receptors in our finger tips to feel. They keep our kitties safe from potentially hurting themselves, as we all know cats are curious creatures! 

Have you ever noticed your cat's whiskers moving? Next time you are playing with you cat take notice.

The position of them can say a lot about what kind of mood they are in. When they are pointing forward and up, you cat is ready to play or hunt. When then are flat against their face, it means they are ready to attack or they are scared. Whereas when your cat's whiskers are laying low, they are relaxed. 

Any sort of trimming of the cat’s whiskers is a big no-no. Removing or cutting their whiskers will cause them to be very disoriented. They will grow back, and they will shed a few from time to time but it's best to let them take care of that.