The Ultimate CYBER MONDAY Gift Guide for Cat Lovers November 28 2021, 0 Comments

Are you looking for the best Cyber Monday deals of 2021? Do you also happen to really, really like cats? Then look no further than this Ultimate Cyber Monday Gift Guide, crafted especially for cat lovers! Even if you're not a cat lover and need the purr-fect gift for the crazy cat person you love, Meowingtons is the place to be.

After all, Christmas is only a few weeks - the time to get started on your holiday gift shopping is MEOW! We have purrfect Cyber Monday solution: skip the lines, cuddle with your cat on the couch and shop from the kitty-cat comfort of your own home - all while saving your wallet from too much stress. Shop our Cyber Monday Sale at up to 70% OFF - starting RIGHT MEOW! 

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Musical Cat Collared Shirt - $10 $ 38.00

Who says dressing up has to be serious? Spice up your look with this classic button-down featuring musical cats. This timeless button-up blouse, complete with its embroidered cat collar is the purrfect statement-making piece to dress up any ensemble. 



Custom Print Cat Socks

The purr-fect gift for cat lovers - get their favorite feline (or pet) printed on any of our custom items, including these socks. Simply order your custom item, send us your photos, and we'll take care of the rest! 

Clowder Cat Scarf - $ 5 $24.00

The purrfect scarf for every season - and every cat lover. 

Little Black Cat Dress$10 $28.00 

The LBD (little black dress) is a staple every girl has hanging in her closet. There is nothing like the feeling you get when slipping into your go-to LBD!

Little Black Cat Dresss

Shit Together Tank Top - $25 ($30)

Pobody's Nerfect, right? At least you're trying to to get your shit together, though! 

Mistletoe Christmas Cat Sweatshirt - $ 45 $ 66.00

Whether you’re looking to exude cattitude this holiday season or just need a great Christmas cat sweater to wear to your Aunt’s famous holiday party, the Mistletoe Cat Butt Sweatshirt is the purrfect choice.

Christmas Cat Sweatshirt



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Diamond Cat Ears Ring - $5 $19.95

A sleek, Swarovski-studded ring with just the right amount of feline simplicity that makes it a cat lover's must-have! 

Photo: Instagram

Cat Necklace Cubic Zirconia $5 $28.00

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend ... but so is her cat. This necklace is the best of both worlds! 

diamond cat necklace


Also available with a matching pair of Diamond Cat Earrings!

diamond cat earrings diamond cat necklace


Winking Cat Liner Socks - $5 $9.95

These kitty socks will keep your feet warm when your cat can't! 


Jungle Gym Cat Tree 2.0$375.00 $420.00

A gift for your cat AND you too! Satisfy all your cat's instincts to play, scratch, climb, and most importantly nap, all without sacrificing your home decor. 

Tested by cats and their owners, our second iteration of this sleek, modern cat tree is better than ever with more scratching surfaces, lounging areas, and added platforms for easy accessibility - all with the same timeless elegance and high-quality wood construction. 

Pizza Cat Bed - $ 18 $ 38.00

Give your cat a slice of heaven with the Pizza Cat Bed

Mouse Hunt Cat Toy - $ 20 $ 38.00

This app-controlled cat toy will satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to hunt, while you control the mouse directly from your phone!


Kitty Hippie Sunglasses - $ 5 $ 10.00

For the kitty whose future is so bright, they have to wear shades. 



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Cat Inspired Toss Pillow Covers -  $10 $21.75

Freshen up your home decor with adorable toss pillow covers!


Friend to Street Cats Poster - from $18 $27.00

Need a new meowtivational poster at work? Or just a reminder of how much you love cats at home? We've got the PURRfect posters to add a bit of feline flair to your decor, be it at home, at the office, or even your favorite cat rescue!

cat poster


Shit Together Cat Mug $ 25 

Pobody's Nerfect, right? At least you're trying to to get your shit together, though! 




Enamel Cat Pins$ 7.00 $ 10.00

sushi cat pins

Cat Phone Cases* - from $ 4.80 $ 15.00

Let this little mermaid kitty be a part of your world! *Available in multiple iPhone and Samsung models. 


Bengal Cat Ring -  $5 $ 16.95

Looking for that purrfect bit of cat bling? Look no further the Bengal Cat Ring. 


Cat Eye Necklace - $5 $ 19.95

A stunning statement piece that will remind you of your kitty at home wherever you go! 


Squishy Cat Stress Reliever - $3.00

Life is stressful; understatement of the year, right? But never fear, Squishy Cat is here! 

Save the Earth Cat Tote - $ 7.95 $ 21.00

Save the Earth! It's the only planet with cats, after all!


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Happy shopping, cat fam!