Traveling With Cats October 26 2016, 6 Comments

With Holiday Season around the corner, it is time to start planning your travels to see family.  

If you are like me, your cat is coming with you! It doesn't matter if you are flying or driving, moving your cat can be stressful for both you and your cat. Cats are easily stressed so it is important to plan ahead to make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible. Following these steps can help guarantee you are both happy and enjoy your time with your family. 

The BEST thing you can do is start your cat early. At the ages 2 to 7 weeks kittens are most open to experiencing new experiences. So make sure to socialize your cat and bring them on short car rides. 

If traveling in the car, make sure you bring your cat in a carrier. A loose cat in the car is not only unsafe for them, but also you! Make sure it is secure so when you brake/turn it doesn't move. Also, make sure your cat gets enough air as it can get hot if the sun it hitting for a long time. 

travel with cat cats

It would be smart have a chat with your vet before your trip. There are medications for motion sickness and anxiety. These can help make the trip a more pleasant experience for both of you. 

Bring a blanket or bed they like to sleep in. Something that smells and feels like home so they can feel more secure and safe. 

Pack the same litter and food you use at home so you don't shock them any more than they need! 

Remember you know your cat best, use your judgment ! But your cats well being is important so don't put preparing them for your trip on the back burner! 

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