Tips on Helping You Cat Adjust to Your Home August 10 2016, 3 Comments

For animal lovers who want the companionship of a pet but have a busy schedule, a cat may be the perfect choice.  Cats are not as needy as dogs and can happily spend the day at home laying in the window watching birds and enjoying the warm sun.  

We gathered some tips to help your cat feel more at home in your home. Becuase although they are independent creates, they can have some complex emotions. A stressed cat will start acting out and it is important to be very attentive to these behaviors. 

1. Keep the litter box clean! Scoop at least once a day! 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is much more important than you think. Besides the health benefits of keeping it clean, keeping the litty clean will make them feel safe and more comfortable. Also, your house guests will thank you for it.

2. Make sure they have a nice place to relax, maybe near a window or patio. 

Meowingtons cat in window

Cats are hunters, so they are happy to sit in a nice window with a view, and he or she will be entertained for hours simply by watching the birds, squirrels, and cars passing by.

3. Socialize your cat. 

Meowingtons cat

Some cats are loving and cuddly, insisting on sleeping with their human. Others are more aloof but are always glad for attention. Friendliness depends on the cat's level of socialization, so not handling the cat will result in it becoming more aloof. Making them feel more comfortable around humans will help them in situations like if you have to take them to the vet or have guests at your house. 

4. Enrichment games! Exercise your cat!


Cats are natural born hunters. But, since you bring them breakfast and dinner the need to go out and find their food is gone. This can make a cat feel unfulfilled or even get fat! Playing with them with a laser or some sort of feather on a stick can solve both of those problems and also keep them at a healthy weight. This will also keep them from waking you up in the middle of the night!

5. Love them.

Talk to your cat, let them know you care. Be mindful of their unique personalities and you have a friend forever!