The World Famous Cat Park of Lima, Peru September 19 2016, 9 Comments

If you are ever in Peru, there is a park you won't want to miss. 

Kennedy Park (Parque Kennedy), which is also known as the Cats Park in Miraflores, Lima is just one of those parks you have to visit if you are in town. 

This park has been the home to over 100 cats for over 25 years. But no one seems to know exactly how it started. Many believe it started when the church decided to use cats as pest control and the rest is history.

Now these cats spend their days laying in the sun, getting belly rubs from people, and enjoying the great outdoors. The Feline Protection Volunteer Group feeds more than 150 cats daily, spays and neuters all the cats, and helps find suitable adopters.  

They are all very friendly cat as it is quite a tourist spot! Hundreds of visitors a day come to enjoy the company of these friendly cats. The park is kept clean and, as you can imagine, there isn’t a bird or mouse to be found! So it is a nice spot to bring your lunch and relax with these kitty cats.