Facebook Did a Study About Cat People and Dog People, and the Results are Pretty Amazing. August 09 2016, 0 Comments

Turns out Facebook is a pretty good tool for mass studies. I mean you can learn a lot from someone page, where they like to eat, who their best friend is or their political views (unfortunately). We know dogs are outgoing and playful animals and cats are often more independent, and unpredictable pets. Facebook wanted to see how their pets personalities reflected on their own.

"Who has more friends? Who's more likely to be single? What TV shows do we curl up to watch together? To answer these questions, we dug our claws into aggregate, de-identified data from a sample of about 160,000 people in the United States who shared photos of cats or dogs (or both) on Facebook" - Facebook Research 

The results are pretty entertaining!

meowingtons cat people and dog people

On average, dog people have 26 more Facebook friends than cat people.  

Also, they found that cat people were more likely to link with cat people and dog people more likely to connect with other dog people. Birds of a feather! 

meowingtons crazy cat lady

And yes, cat people are more likely to be single than dog people (based on their profile relationship status). 

"The charts below show the proportions of fans for books, TV shows, and movies, comparing the ratio of dog- to cat-people fans, accounting for the fact that there are slightly more dog people on Facebook. Books that cat people disproportionately like, such as Dracula and World War Z have longer blue bars off to the left, while books that dog people disproportionately like, such as Marley and Me all have longer green bars off the right. If equal proportions of cat and dog people like a book, like, say, Hunger Games, no bar is visible." -Facebook Research

At least we can all agree on The Great Gatsby, Seinfeld, and Frozen.






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