Study Finds Health Benefits to Owning Cats August 02 2016, 2 Comments

Scientists have been studying the human-animal relationship since before we can remember. Cats and dogs have evolved into domesticated animals who found that humans are a positive benefit to their life and chance of survival. It's a win-win relationship, dogs and cats are safer and live longer more comfortable lives with humans and well humans love them and they make us happy.

But what if there was more to it than them just entertaining us and making us feel happy? Scientists have found proof that cats have more of an effect on us we once thought. 

Here we will pinpoint the positive effects cats have on us.

1. Avoid allergies and respiratory problems.

Meowingtons pets cats make you live longer

I know what you're are thinking, a lot of people are allergic to cats. But it is proven that children raised around cats (and dogs) can develop an immunity to these kinds of allergens at an early age. Also, it has shown that kids raised with pets seem to relate better to people and have more empathy for others feelings. 

2. Lower Blood Pressure. 

meowingtons cats and health

As you may know, petting your cat makes you happy. But what you might not notice is that the calming feeling of petting and interacting with you cat can reduce your blood pressure. Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo found lower blood pressure in the study subjects that owned pets compared to those who did not. 

3. Reduce your risk of stroke.

meowingtons cats reduce your risk of stroke

A study in Minnesota study showed that owning a cat can reduce your risk of stroke by one-third! 

4. Reduce anxiety and stress

meowingtons silly cat

Cats are silly, that is something true for all their different purrr-sonalities. Interacting with your cat brings a lightheartedness to your life. Caring and snuggling our cat will help reduce your levels of anxiety and stress. It's a win-win situation here. 

5. Reduce loneliness

meowingtons cat

As a cat owner myself, I will go ahead and admit I regularly talk and ask my cat questions. Coming home to a cat at the end of the day rather than an empty house can uplift your mood. Living far from home or becoming an empty-nester a cat can help fulfill the need to nurture. 

Now, what are you waiting for? Go adopt a cat who needs a home for a human who needs a friend. 

Already have a cat friend? Show them how much they mean to you with a gift!  


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