Strange Cat Facts: 'Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?' September 01 2016, 5 Comments

       Even though your bed is big enough for you and your cat to both have enough room, your cat has no doubt given you very little room to spread out. At your feet or right at your head, your cat likes to sleep snuggled up with you. While some might find this cute, some complain that it messes with their sleep patterns. Personally, I am so honored that they are choosing to sleep with me that I don't care where they lay! 

Never the less, the reason behind this strange habit is actually not as complex as you may think if fact it is actually quite simple. 

1. Your head is warm.


Let's start here, your head is nice and warm...right? Also, it happens to be laying on a nice fluffy pillow. A cat's average body temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit and they need to maintain heat for proper basal metabolism, so seeking an external heat source allows the body to not have to work as hard to stay warm while sleeping. 

2. Your legs move a lot.

Most people move their legs in their sleep. Sleeping my the head can eliminate getting kicked around. 

3. Your cat likes the way your head smells ;)

Your cat may like your scent (particularly the smell of your hair), which can help them feel safe and secure when sleeping.