Rescue Pit Bull Is the Best Mom To Her Family of Foster Kittens March 24 2017, 1 Comment

Meet Hema, a stray pit bull rescued from the streets of Washington, D.C., who turned out to be the best darn kitten caretaker this side of the Mississippi.

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The blue-eyed, pink-snouted pup has helped her forever family (adopters Marissa Clingen and Robin Seegers) to foster over 20 cats and kittens.

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She spends her days doting on her kittens, wanting nothing more than to be by their side every moment, whether it’s to shower them with kisses, cuddles, or simply watch over her very strange-looking puppies (as any good mother does).

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“All she wants to do is lick and snuffle them,” Clingen told The Dodo. “Who would have thought a stray D.C. pit bull with scars on her face would be a good kitten mother?”

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Though Hema’s forever family will never know what Hema went through as a stray, she bears the scars of a difficult life. She came into the Humane Rescue Alliance covered in “many, many bite wounds,” according to Alix Tolley, a spokesperson for the shelter.

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But whatever abuses or attacks she may have suffered in the past, Hema has not let it stop her from taking on the truly loving, affectionate role of mother for the orphaned kittens so in need of her care. 

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Hema’s extra cuddly attentions play a crucial role in socializing the kittens for a successful adoption. Hema helps the kittens learn how to live and get along in a home, especially a home with other animals.

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Clingen recalls a sickly little kitten named Muffin, who, for a while, didn’t look as though he would make it. But the kitten pulled through, thanks to Clingen and Hema’s care and dedication. "Hema would lick his pathetic, crusty face and they would snuggle in her bed," says Clingen.

"It truly brings tears to my eyes," says Tolley. "The fact that she can still be so loving to those kittens shows the resilience of these animals."

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When the time comes for the kittens to go to their adoptive families (hopefully their forever families), Clingen shares that it can be sad to say good-bye. "I just try to remember where they would be if I hadn't fostered them,” Clingen says. 

As hard as it is to say good-bye, Clingen knows that she and Hema can continue to provide help and care for even more kittens. Especially as kitten season is right around the corner -- that time of year when tons of new kittens are born and the shelters are flooded with newborn kittens in need of foster care -- and forever homes. That's why Meowingtons is sponsoring a Free Cat Adoption Day at our local Humane Society!

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 Interested in fostering some kittens or puppies yourself? 

Check out the Humane Society's Foster Care Program or check with a local shelter near you to find out more information! 


cat donation rescue cats meowingtons charity spring cleaning sale rescue stories


 Cortney Licata | [h/t Shareably & The Dodo]