Rapper Freestyles About His Feisty Felines January 25 2017, 3 Comments

This guy's spittin' out rhymes like a cat spits out hairballs.

Meet @iAmMoshow, the self-proclaimed “Cat Rapper” who is showing the world that it’s not just us “crazy cat ladies” who are obsessed with our cats! Men can be crazy cat people, too. And Moshow isn’t afraid to show his love for his kitty gang, consisting of four Sphynx cats named Sushi, MegaMam, Tali and Ravioli.

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Moshow uses his freestyle skills and his great sense of humor to express his love for his cats. In the wilin', freestylin' "Cat Bath Rap" video below, Moshow is giving his (slightly forlorn-looking) cat, Ravioli, a bath while spittin' out some smooth rhymes. 

Don't worry, though! Moshow is a responsible cat owner. Ravioli (and Moshow's other three Sphynx kitties) are a special breed of cat that require them to get a bath biweekly to get them up to proper kitty snuff. 

With Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages all dedicated to his love of cats and music, it’s clear that Moshow's cats mean the world to him.

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His song “Cat World” is all about his life “chillin’ in a Cat World” with “cats in my house, man, cats on the floor.” Any crazy cat lady worth her salt knows what that #CatLife is all about. Most of us can't even get our first sip of coffee without some type of cat interference! 

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Moshow has even uploaded a nonprofit video titled “Adopt a Cat” encouraging people to get out there and, you guessed it, adopt a cat! He filmed the music video at his local Oregon Humane Society, featuring cats that were up for adoption.

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Even if rap isn't your favorite genre, we can all take to heart Moshow's adorable messages: to spread the cat love and to "Love your cats!" You can show your cats some love with a treat or toy from our For Cats collection!


Written By: Cortney Licata  


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