12 Products You Need If You're Obsessed With Your Cat January 23 2019, 0 Comments

If you've ever canceled plans to hang out with your cat, you might be obsessed. But that's okay, so are we! You're not alone in your feline fixation! 

1. The Cat's Side Pillow Sham

Because we all know who really runs the house. 


2. Caturday T-Shirt

Take a cue from the cats - live every day like it's Caturday! 

Photo via Instagram


3. Cat Mom Phone Pop

The Cat Mom Phone Pop: Helping you take better photos of your cat until your phone runs out of space! 


4. Cat Co-Pilot T-Shirt

Do you and your cat do everything together? Then your cat is your co-pilot! 


5. Stay-At-Home Cat Mom Notebook

Jot down your notes in a journal with some purrsonality! 


6. Eat, Sleep & Pet Cats Sherpa Blanket

What else is there to do, after all? 


7. Real Men Love Cats T-Shirt

Where are all our Cat Daddies? Break the “crazy cat lady” stereotype with this cat guy shirt and let the world know that men love cats, too! 


8. Where the Cat Is Toss Pillow Cover

Because a house simply isn't a home without at least one cat! 


9.  Girl's Best Friend T-Shirt

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend clearly never owned a cat.  


10. Fruit Tart Cat Bed

Because if you're obsessed with your cat, you can't NOT get them a gift! 

Photo thanks to Tiffany Meuer-Crawford, Facebook!


11. PAWS T-Shirt

Dun, dun. Dun, dun. We’re gonna need a bigger cat!


12. Little Black Cat Dress

Every girl needs a little black (cat) dress, after all!