Police Officer Adopts Cat He Rescued from Home Where Both Owners Died February 28 2017, 6 Comments

A lonely little tortoiseshell tabby named Julia recently lost both of her owners. But Julia has found love again thanks to the caring police officer that rescued her.

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Her owner was an elderly man who died in his home shortly after his wife passed away. Luckily, Anne Arundel County police rescued her. One Corporal Hollis found her crying pitifully, no doubt grieving for her lost owners, as cats can and do grieve for lost companions or family members.

The elderly couple had no known next of kin, so Hollis brought Julia into protective custody at the local animal shelter for a week to confirm that there were no relatives interested in adopting her. She was taken in by the Friends of Anne Arundel Animal Control.


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Homeless and without her beloved owners, Julia’s story could’ve turned out differently.

But once she was available for adoption, the very same officer who had rescued her immediately scooped her up, unable to get Julia’s plaintive cries out of his mind. He told the shelter staff that he’d already been thinking about adopting a fuzzy companion and just couldn’t stop thinking about little Julia.

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Now Julia has a new home, and Corporal Hollis has a new best friend. She already looks right at home cuddling with her very own Corporal.



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Written By: Cortney Licata