Don't Furr-get About Your Cat on BLACK FRIDAY November 20 2018, 0 Comments

It is that time of year again! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means two things: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It's madness. But when it comes to the holidays, we're all a little mad, aren't we? 

Here at Meowingtons, we have something for everyone. So this Black Friday, while you are doing some early holiday shopping while the deals are blazing, don't forget about your cat! You can shop for your fine feline at over 90% OFF our entire store!

Meowingtons doesn't only cater to crazy cat people. We also offer a selection of innovative cat toys and treats, including fun stocking stuffers for your cat.

Satisfy your cat's hunting instincts with the Mouse Hunt Cat Toy!

This phone app-controlled cat toy the perfect way to play with your kitty when you've over-indulged in the turkey feast (a common holiday occurrence) and you can't get up to play with your cat. You can play right from your couch! This mouse is completely controlled via your smartphone and will satisfy your cat's natural hunting instincts.


Give your cat a glass of a treat with class with Milton's Pinot Meow Cat Wine.

Yup, you read right: Cat wine. This non-alcoholic, catnip infused wine will get your cat's purr motor running. And you can include your cat in the Christmas festivities and serve them up a cup of Pinot Meow! 



Chase some bubbles with your cat with our Catnip Bubbles!

What's more fun than chasing bubbles? Doing it with your cat. This catnip-infused bubble solution is kitty safe and tons of fun to pop! 

Give your kitty sweet dreams, guaranteed, with a Fruit Tart Cat Bed.

The cutest thing since sliced bread, the Fruit Tart Cat Bed is not only comfy for your cat, but it's completely adorable. No more ugly cardboard boxes!

fruit tart cat bedVia Yukongoldosh, Instagram


Give your cat the spa day they deserve with the Cat Face Massager!

It’s tough being a cat, after all! You have to pick which spots to nap in and deal with constant attention from your loving human. So give them a relaxing meowssage with this delightful kitty cat massager


Ciao Puree Cat Treats 

These tasty cat treats are a unique, squeezable cat treat that's like gogurt - but for cats! Made with real, deep sea tuna or farm-raised chicken, these treats are high in moisture and available in seven delectable flavors bound to please your cat!

ciao puree cat treat


Give your cat living room lion get a taste of the mighty jungle with these leafy Floating Cat Wall Shelves.

Floating Cat Wall Shelves


If your living room lion is more of a leopard at heart and wants her own tree, the Luxury Cat Tree House might just be her new favorite hiding spot. 

Luxury Cat Tree House

Via Bonvoyagecat, Instagram


Set your lasers to FUN with this Interactive Laser Cat Toy!

"Hoomin ... I think I finally found out where the red dot comes from ..." 

Via BasilFold, Instagram

And if you haven't bought your kitty a cute costume yet ... you should probably add that to your cart too. Not that your cat will thank you, but Instagram will love you for it!  

cowboy cat costumeVia @meowyorker