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Play your cards right this Valentine's Day. 

Is there a better way to celebrate the people you love than by delighting them with a Valentine's Day card? I mean, sure, a diamond necklace is a pretty nice gift, if you're into that sort of thing. But these cards have cats on them, guys. And puns. That's a winning, one-two punchline that definitely says "I care about you, like, a lot." 

meowingtons valentines day 2017 valentines day puns

We tried to get Berlin's Take My Breath Away to play when you open this card, but who can afford the royalties? So maybe just hum the opening bars when they open the card, or try to work in a Top Gun pun when you write the message. Close enough?

valentines day memes valentines day puns valentines for him

Now that's really saying something. I mean, it says a lot of things on the front of the card. Just look at all those speech bubbles, wowza. But for someone to admit that they care about you almost as much they care about their cat? That's REALLY saying something.

singles awareness day singles appreciation day 2017 meowingtons cat valentine

Yeah! All right! Woo-hoo! Go Singles Awareness Day! Who cares if the abbreviation spells S.A.D.? You've still got your cat(s)! And also this card.

presents for cat lovers valentines day memes messages for her valentines for him

 Can cats even count, though? 


crazy cat lady gifts gifts for car lovers valentines day sale

If you can find someone who will share their food with you (and your cat), maybe you really are meant to be!


Whether it's for your coworkers, friends, family, significant others, or even for your cat that you taught to read: Let them know that you care about them this Valentine's Day! And while you're at it, take aim and shoot two hearts with just one of Cupid's arrows with our Valentine's Day Gift Pack, which includes our Valentine's Day cards as well as several gifts for friends, family, and even your cat!  


meowingtons valentines day 2017 crazy cat lady gifts gifts for cat lovers


Written By: Cortney Licata