Stray Cats Make Their Own Whack-A-Mole Game Using Drain Pipe Holes


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Japanese photographer Nyan Kichi focuses his lens on the lives of stray cats, capturing the more playful, whimsical side of these street-wise felines as they dart in and out of the holes in their self-made playground.  


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The life of a stray cat is no doubt a difficult one, especially if they don't have caring individuals to look out for them. But even these rough-and-tumble cats can find a bit of joy and revel in the benefits of being a cat, e.g. the ol' adage, "If I fits, I sits."


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These strays lend some credence to the theory that cats actually come in two states: solid and liquid as they squeeze in and out of these drainage holes ... 


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Wriggling down one hole only to poke their whiskers out of another, making their very own Whack-a-Mole playland.


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Kichi even brought his own toy prop to complete the catty homage.


boop boop the cat


These playful creatives don't seem to mind the addition of an extra player to their extreme game of peekaboo. In fact, they seem to enjoy the photographer's company. "Yes. He warm. Good for sits," the cats have been heard to say of their jean-clad friend. High praise, indeed!


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(It also doesn't hurt to win their hearts over with some treats.)


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Hopefully, through shares and attention, these comical cats will be able to find forever homes of their own. Meowingtons is here to help stray or shelter cats in need, and that's our paw-mise. 

That's why our cat-crazy company is sponsoring a Free Cat Adoption Day at the local Humane Society, where you can adopt any adult cat, and Meowingtons will completely cover the adoption costs. We're also donating a starter kit chock full of treats and toys to get new cat families and their soul-cats started off on the right paw.





meowingtons donate meowingtons charity animal rescue cat rescue




CORTNEY LICATA [h/t BoredPanda, Photos by nyankichi5656]


  • Jen

    In Japan they treat strays very differently than we do here. Notice they are not all skin and bones. Each community takes care of stray cats and they feed them and care for them because most cannot have pets of their own.

  • Cat Tavani MD

    I find it hard to enjoy pix of cats in harms way. Better to take in even one and give them a safe life.

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