The 12 Cutest Pictures Of Cat’s Paws December 06 2016, 6 Comments

What makes a cat's paws so irresistible? We will never know exactly what it is. What we do know is there is something about them that makes us giggle like a little child. We are also pretty sure you all feel the same too! 
We wanted an excuse to look at cat paws all day so we made this blog post for you (and us). Hope you enjoy looking as much as we enjoyed creating this! 

cat paws

Fluffy Buns

How clever! 

Nom Nom

It really never gets old.

We believe the universal love for paws is a bond all cat lovers can embrace. Which is why we think every cat lover should enjoy this Paws & Ears Ring

Still not over it.




That's right, cat's paws make the world go round. 

And don't get us started with cat loafs! 


Please share your paw photos with us! We love them!