10 Purrfect Mugs for Coffee (And Cat) Addicts January 17 2020, 0 Comments


"There's no such thing as too many mugs!!" - Every mug collector, ever (me included.) If you're an unabashed mug hoarder and unashamed cat lady like myself, you've stumbled across the purr-fect list. Or maybe you know someone who's obsessed with both coffee and cats - in which case, you've also stumbled across the ideal list! Javaphiles and ailurophiles welcome! 



1. Cat Face Mug



2. Shit Together Cat Mug

3. Tom Cat Mug

Photo thanks to Meowingtons Ambassador @nikimalek

4. Cat Hair Mug


5. Custom Cat Mug

Get a custom printed mug of your cat's (or any pet's) beloved face! 


6. Coffee, Cats and Books Mug


7. World's Okayest Cat Dad Mug


8. World's Okayest Cat Mom Mug


9. "His" His and Hers Mug


10. "Hers" His and Hers Mug