Cats Being Straight-Up Jerks June 16 2017, 8 Comments


I'm going to state some harsh realities. Cats are jerks.  Every cat owner knows deep down that this is true, but we deny it because cats are angels wrapped in fur! Right? Wrong. They are giant, furry jerks (especially to each other). 


cat pushes other cat down stairs gif


Admittedly, cats are undeniably lovable jerks that essentially run our households. They're adorable, irresistible, charming and completely amazing. They also like to shove their bums in our faces, lie on our books while we're trying to read or sit on our phones so we can't find them. Or they just plain knock it straight off the table and laugh about it.


cat knocking things over gif


Not even Christmas is safe!



cats knocking stuff down gif


There are theories as to why cats have an affinity for knocking stuff over in a flourish of "This is Sparta" glory. Perhaps they're just bored. Or scientists?


cats being jerks cats and phones


I think this may be one of those "alternative facts" that everyone has been talking about lately. We have plenty of documented evidence that cats are, in fact, giant assholes. Also, cats can't read or write. Or hold pencils. But they can use their paws to destroy the things you love.



Who knows why cats are, in some small measure, just a tiny bit evil. Maybe you didn't buy the very specific brand of cat food they like, but only sometimes. Perhaps Mr. Mittens only got 15 hours of sleep today and woke up on the wrong side of the cat bed.



Or maybe cats are just rebels ... with claws. 




There are some of you out there that would argue that there are some decent, kind-hearted cats out there that won't toss Grandma's antique vase off the table. At least not while you're looking. 




Perhaps we can use their Pushy Paws for good, like competing in an Ultimate Pet Jenga League. I'm sure that exists in some dimension, if not this one.



... Or not. 


cat playing jenga gif


It's only a matter of time before they find your weakness ...


galaxy s7 cat phone case


And threaten to push it off the counter in the ultimate act of rebellion. Give them the catnip ...  or else.


galaxy s7 cat phone case iphone cat phone case mermaid cat phone case unicorn cat phone


To combat your cat's proclivity for pushiness, you need a cute, cuddly way to protect your phone from a dangerous fall; a fall that (possibly, maybe) was brought about by a certain Pushy Paws.

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Meowingtons phone accessories line is designed with cat-proof protection in mind along with ultimate levels of adorable. 

Your cat doesn't care if you have that newfangled iPhone 7 or a Galaxy S7 Edge or that indestructible phone god, The Nokia, they'll still knock it off the counter. Whether they're really in it for science, vengeance, or your cat is simply being a cat, you need to keep your phone safe.  And having a little mermaid cat on your phone doesn't hurt, either. 

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