Meet Paddles, The Most Powerful Cat in New Zealand

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New Zealand, meet your new furry feline overlord: Paddles. She's fierce, fluffy and has a lot to say - and she has thumbs to Tweet it with. Taking her PR into her own paws, the First Cat of New Zealand took to Twitter to introduce herself.  



Paddles, a polydactyl ginger tabby cat, serves as the right-hand cat to New Zealand's newly elected Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. 

Ardern is the youngest Prime Minister to serve in New Zealand since 1856. Not to be outshone, though, Paddles is pretty much the first cat to serve such a public role in the running of New Zealand. 



In Paddles' Twitter bio, she writes, "Have thumbs, will Tweet." And tweet she has, gaining a following of over 10,000 in just a few short weeks. 

In fact, Paddles caught the attention of other notable cats in office, including Larry the Cat, the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office in the UK. 


Milton, the squishy face of Meowingtons, was even inspired to toss his hat into the race to welcome Paddles to her seat of power. 



Paddles graciously accepted Milton's traditional gift with class and decorum, as any classy cat would. 

Now, officially, Paddles isn't really the First Cat of New Zealand. But she's the First Cat of our Hearts - a true inspurration to cats - and cat lovers - everywhere. 



Ardern admits that she's not the thumbs behind the Tweets - she's not sure who is running the account.  There are a few whispers that it's Ardern's partner, TV host Clarke Gayford, who is behind the account. Ardern says neither she nor her partner has a hand in the cutesy tweets. "But keeping in mind Paddles has thumbs, I can't put it past her it's her own account as well," she joked, adding "she's a polydactyl".

Polydactyl cats - also known as Hemingway Cats - often appear to have 'opposable thumbs' as they have extra toes and claws. 



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  • Marie Cavins

    What a cute kitty. Looks my Rigger who is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

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