Meet Mac n' Cheese an Orange Kitten Aiming to Beat Paralysis August 12 2016, 28 Comments


This little ginger kitten was literally dropped on the steps of Massapequa Pet Vet in a Mac and Cheese box. They knew something wasn't right with his back legs so they kept him close eye on him. The problem turned out to be his back legs. They didn’t seem to work, as unfortunately happens with paralyzed limbs. 

He still had his spirits and quickly captured the hearts of the workers, one fell extra hard and decided he needed a forever home and quickly adopted him. She figured he would need extra special care and who better than someone in her field? 

Once they figured out what his problem was, they started a comprehensive course of physical therapy on the little guy. Water therapy is one of them. When it comes to Mac’s water sports, he apparently “tolerates it a lot better than pretty much any other cat would.” 

They attempted to use a wheelchair type contraption for him, but he grew out of them fast and seemed to fall over more often than not. For now this cute wheelchair is not being used. Now that Mac has reached 16 weeks of age, his right leg has begun to show very positive signs. Gabby estimates that it’s functioning at around 90 percent of its full capability.