Kittens so Cute it's Hard to Believe August 12 2016, 1 Comment

No matter how much you hate cats, or how much of a 'dog person' you are, kittens are the exception. No one can resist a fluffy and clumsy little kitten. It is basically impossible for them to not make you melt, it is one of their many super powers. 

Since it's Monday and we know you're trying not to fall asleep at your desk, we decided to gather all the cutest little kittens of the interweb. You're welcome! 


1. This kitten is probably faking it, but it's ok because look how cute it is.


2. Just, WOW.

meowingtons kitten

3. This little ginger studmuffin is smiling at you. NBD.

4. If a guy sends you a basket of kittens, he's a keeper.

5. Zzz

6. Adventure cat at a young age.


8. Just look at that face.