'Keeping Up With The Catdashians': Your Next Reality TV Addiction February 23 2017, 3 Comments

Even though "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is one of the longest-running reality TV series,  the creators of Iceland’s “Keeping up with the Catdashians” have really cracked the code to the ultimate reality TV show: kittens.

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The live stream follows the adventures of four kittens, all from a local animal shelter, as they share an oversized dollhouse. All four Catdashians, Guðni, Ronja, Briet, and Stubbur are siblings who have captivated a nation – and the world - with viewers already taking to Twitter to express their adoration of the show.

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What better formula for success than a giant dollhouse full of kittens! It’s even decked out with tiny bunk beds and tiny chairs and tiny stairs and even a perfectly kitten-sized bathtub and … Ahem. I may or may not have just let out an embarrassingly high-pitched “Aww!”

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The near-continuous kitten live feed is a cooperation project between the Icelandic Cat Protection Society and Nútíminn, an Icelandic news and entertainment website.



The kitten live stream is paused two to three times a day when employees and volunteers from the ICPS take care of the kittens’ needs, including housekeeping, feeding and important socialization with people.


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After only a week in their starring roles, Guðni, Ronja, Briet, and Stubbur have already been adopted.

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These kittens truly are trendsetters (much like their American counterparts, I guess), already credited with boosting awareness and appreciation for cat adoption in Iceland.


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Once the four siblings are ready to go to their forever homes, new adoptable kittens will be brought in to star in the spotlight and hopefully find their new homes.



When asked what makes good cat reality TV, producer Inga Lind Karlsdóttir told Broadly, "It's fun when they go crazy and ruin the house, but it's also calming to watch them sleep.”

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"It's good for the soul,” Said Inga. "There's so much bad news we read about in the media, and terrible things are happening in the world, so it's nice to sit there and relax and watch the kittens."









Written By: Cortney Licata