I Gathered All the Funniest Cat GIFs So You Didn't Have to. July 25 2016, 3 Comments

I'm pretty confident in saying cat people worldwide know the real purpose of the world wide web is to provide us with an endless stream of cat videos and photos. I mean what else do people use their computers for besides look up cute cat photos? 

Here at Meowingtons, we all have a very serious love for cats. So I went ahead and gathered all the cat GIFs that made me giggle so you can go ahead nd enjoy all the best in one place. So take a break from looking at all of our adorable cat themed apparel and check these out. 

1. This should be in the dictionary definition of cats.

Meowingtons sun cats

2. When your cat wants hugs.

meowingtons cat hug kitten

3. Kittens acting like cats at a young age.

Meowingtons kitten

4. Cats are always sticking their heads where they don't belong. 

 Meowingtons cat

5. Cats being jerks.

Meowingtons cat fight 

6. AHHHchuuuu!!! 

meowingtons kittens

7. Cats will be cats.

meowingtons cats will be cats

8. My favorite thing about cats is that they are true to themselves, no matter who they are around. Even on live TV. 

9. Also that they are so easy to scare. 


10. Because Paws.