10 Things Every "Crazy Cat Lady" Needs This Black Friday November 25 2016, 1 Comment

This day and age, cat people are becoming a little more socially adjusted. They have jobs, gardens, and some human friends even! 

I'm joking of course. They have always been normal..normal people who love cats more than normal. But with the help of Youtube, cat videos are making headlines and with that comes more cat lovers. Now along with this new universal love of cats comes a whole new market for cat themed apparel! 

This is why Meowingtons.com is bookmarked on your 'Top Sites'. I mean why wear a normal black skirt when you can wear a cat skirt? Am I right? Here are some totally cool cat products for you and your cat-loving friends. That are now RIDICULOUSLY cheap for Black Friday!! Get them while they last!  

Did I mention...  


1. Well, I can't think of a reason why you shouldn't have this adorable bag for a night out. 


meowingtons cat purse kitty love

2. The beach, the mall whatever. This catsuit is sure to make you stand out in all the right ways! Who can resist a ginger cat?!

meowingtons cat suit kitty love

3. This cat scarf goes with EVERYTHING. Not to mention it also comes in different colors..go ahead get all 3. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love scarf

4. This Hanging Cat Necklace is the perfect gift for yourself or one of your fellow cat-loving friends. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love hanging cat necklace

5. Oh, and they have matching Hanging Cat Earrings so that's cool. 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love

6. This Cat Crop Top goes with everything !

meowingtons cat top crop meow lol cat

7. Did I mention the cat costumes? Make your cat feel like a brand new kitty for a little bit!

meowingtons cat themed apparel

8. These cat leggings are purrfect for a night out or yoga! 

meowingtons cat themed apparel yoga pants

9. Cat shirts show off our love for cats but this one also shows off your inner fashionista! 

meowingtons cat themed apparel

10. The cutest cat ring you will ever see!

meowingtons cat themed apparel