10 Things Every "Crazy Cat Lady" Needs November 25 2016, 0 Comments

The time is meow, friends! You’ve held out long enough. It’s time to admit the truth: You’re a crazy cat person. Say it with me: I’m a crazy cat person. Feels good, doesn't it?

That doesn’t mean you should go out and adopt 100 cats and starting wearing sweaters knit entirely out of their shed fur. I mean, a sweater made from cat fuzz would be pretty soft. But we’re not that type of crazy (yet). 

You’re a human (hopefully). A completely normal human who just so happens to be obsessed with cats. And cute fashion. And sweet deals. Did I mention cats? 

If you think about it, cat people these days are coming out of our shells, breaking barriers and boundaries. We have jobs. We have gardens. We even have a human friend or two. And now we’ve got fashion.


1. You'll be the Bomb.com with this Bombay Black Cat Purrse.

People still say the bomb.com, yeah? That's a thing, right? Yeah.

black cat purse purrse bombay cat 


2. Oh, you know. It's just an LBD, nbd. 



meowingtons kitten dress little black dress cat dress


3. This cat scarf goes with EVERYTHING. Even your cat! Not to mention it also comes in different colors. G'head. Get all three. We won't tell! 


kitty love scarf cat scarf cat print scarf

Cat photo: Instagram


4. Hang in there, baby! This Hanging Cat Necklace is the perfect gift for yourself or one of your fellow cat-loving friends as a reminder that you can get through the week! 

meowingtons cat purse kitty love hanging cat necklace

5. Oh, and they have matching Hanging Cat Earrings. The whole kitten caboodle!

meowingtons cat purse kitty love

6. This Cat Crop Top is the cat's meow. Don Juan (the handsome ginger butterball in the picture) would seem to agree! 

cat crop top cat pattern shirt

7. Did I mention the cat costumes?

We're not saying you should reenact the Lion King with your cat, scene-for-scene. Or are we? Yes. Yes, we are. Also please send us the proof on Instagram. Thank you. 

meowingtons cat themed apparel

8. Who says yoga pants have to be Plain Jane? Spice up your next yoga class with these cat leggings

meowingtons cat themed apparel yoga pants

9. Double, double, boil and trouble ... Something whiskered this way comes!  Watch out for the Deathly Hallows Cat Tee!

deathly hallows cat shirt



10. Hm, "Crazy cat lady?" I like that. It has a nice ring to it. 

meowingtons cat themed apparel




meowingtons crazy cat lady status gifts for her gifts for cat lovers