How You And Your Cat Can Prepare For Black Friday & Cyber Monday November 19 2016, 0 Comments

The shopping craze that is Black Friday & Cyber Monday is FINALLY just around the corner!

We know you and your kitty companion have been waiting ALL YEAR for those spectacular DEALS, so here's a little guide to help you both have a successful shop.



First, make sure you mark it in your calendar. Although Friday November 25th is Black Friday and Monday the 28th is Cyber Monday, there will be deals popping up EVERYWHERE in the coming weeks. Put a reminder for yourself at least a week before the date, and again the night before/day of. 


Next, make sure you CLEAR your schedule. Tell your boss you need 'personal days' off, and tell all of your friends you're busy that weekend. They know you well enough by now to know what that means. Hanging with your CAT!



Once you've marked it in your calendar and cleared your schedule, start doing some research on what products you and your cat REALLY want. Do you need a new pair of Diamond Cat Earrings for this years Christmas party? 



Does your cat want a new outfit for New Years Eve?




Write down ALL the things you MUST HAVE, and start checking out your favourite websites so you know exactly where to find them. Cough, cough, MEOWINGTONS! Once you've written down what you want, keep that list safe. Having this list will save you time, hassle, and be a life saver on what will be a very busy weekend.


Then, make sure you stock up on all the necessities like milk, coffee, bread, cat food and wine. Did you know we now carry CAT WINE?? You and your kitty can happily sip a vino together while you shop!  


Once you are all stocked up, you won't need to worry about popping out to get anything and can fully concentrate on your shopping mission.


The day before, start mentally preparing. Ask yourself - if you see the Black Friday sales starting early, are you ready to shop? Buying early is a great idea as inventory tends to clearout pretty quickly on Black Friday. You DON'T want to miss out! If you'd rather wait, why not have a midnight shop the night before? You know your cat will be up doing their usual nightime runaround routine and would happily join in on the shopping fun! 



If you're more of a morning person; get up, have your moring coffee and breakfast, feed the cat, and get prepared. Get rid of ALL distractions by turning off your TV, and putting your phone on silent. With your Must Have Shopping List ready next to you, get on that computer and GO! 


 Don't forget, sales will be going on ALL weekend!


Once you've gotten everything you want, you can sit back and RELAX and wait for your exciting purchases to arrive in the mail. 




Remember, if what you want was sold out or you didn't get a chance to shop online, you can always find great deals in the weeks that don't lose hope.