How to Decode Your Cats Strange Behavior June 15 2016, 2 Comments

Did you know cats don't meow at each other? They communicate with body language. They started meowing to try and communicate with humans. Pretty neat right? 

Although your cat may meow all day and all night, we still can't be sure what is going on in their little fuzzy heads. Many times we give up trying to understand why cats do what they do, and just chalk it up under "Reason: Cat."

It is important to pay attention to their behavior because they could be trying to tell you something is not right, or that they love you. Both you wouldn't want to miss!

1. Rolling on the floor. This means all good things, they want to play with you! Don't miss the opportunity, it won't last long!

cat gif fat cat meowingtons 

2. Kneading: Behaviorists believe this is a leftover trait from when they were kittens, as the kneading would help their mothers produce milk. But it's a sure sign your cat is happy and comfortable with you.

kneading cat meowingtons

3. Sitting like a loaf: Other than looking adorable, cats like to tuck their paws under their stomach when they are feeling safe and comfortable. Very good sign!

cat loaf meowingtons

4. Hiding in boxes: 100% of cats are attracted to boxes. Why? Cats find comfort and feel more secure in confined places. Mystery solved!

cat box meowingtons

5. Squinty eyes: Cats squint when they are happy. If they close their eyes slowly while looking, that shows that they trust you.

squinty cat meowingtons

If your cat does any of the things above, you're in luck. They love you too! Get them something to show your love, like a cat costume to make them feel pretty.  

Make sure things like going outside the litter box or change in appetite don't go unnoticed. These can be signs they are not feeling right, take them to the vet as soon as you notice anything strange.