5 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day With Your Cat October 27 2017, 0 Comments

Get those jazz hands ready, cats and kittens, it's National Cat Day! 

Besides their birthday (or Gotcha Day), cats don't really get any big holidays dedicated wholly to them. But on National Cat Day, we get to celebrate all things cat: cat videos, cat memes, soft cat bellies, their tiny little noses - don't forget their poofy little paws and their squishy bean toes. Whether you're a cat lover or even just looking for another reason to have some cake, here are five felicitous ways to celebrate our favorite felines on National Cat Day - the cat way. 


1. Treat your cat to a new toy or delicious treat - or even a new condo. 

While pretty much every day is Cat Day when you have a kitty at home, National Cat Day is the purrfect excuse to say: Treat yo' cat! Whether it's time for a new catnip toy or you're looking for a more interactive game for both of you, consider treating your cat to something nice! If your idea of a good time is sitting at home and drinking wine with your cat - well, hey, ours too! While you sip on some Pinot Noir, your cat can lap up some Pinot Meow Cat Wine - catnip wine for cats.  Spoil them more than you already do. They deserve it. It's their day, after all. 


2. Support cat adoption.

Have you been thinking about adopting a cat? Today is the purrfect day to give a cat a forever home! If it's not the right time or situation to adopt a cat, consider instead donating food, blankets, or beds to a local animal shelter or cat rescue to help cats in need. If you can't afford a donation, even donating your time to visit with the cats and give them some attention and TLC is a wonderful way to celebrate National Cat Day if you don't have any cats! 


3. Watch adorable cat videos or a kitten live stream! 

There's no better way to appreciate cats than to get lost in the vortex of cute cat videos on YouTube ... except maybe to watch a live stream of adoptable kittens doing their adorable kitten thing! Check out The Kitten Academy or keep up with the rescue kittens at TinykittensHQ, the home of Grandpa Mason - the grumpy old feral cat who now helps rehabilitate and socialize kittens. You can follow their stories 


4. Visit a cozy cat cafe.

If you're lucky enough to have a cat cafe near you, head on down and spend some time sipping coffee, petting kitties, and, maybe give one lucky feline a forever home! Cat cafes are popping up all over the US, and the world, after getting their start mainly in Japan. Some notable cat cafes are Crumbs & Whiskers in California, The Windy Kitty in Chicago and Catsbury Park Cat Cafe in New Jersey! 

5. Take a catnap. 

If there's one thing cats do and do well, it's sleep. Take a note from your cat and hit the hay for, oh, about 16 hours. Don't forget to wake up every couple of hours for a quick post-nap snack, followed by the post-snack nap.