Treat Yourself to These Photos of Hot Guys with Kittens February 10 2017, 2 Comments

Just a hunk, a hunk of purring love!
Do you like cats? How about hot guys? Well, friends, have an early Valentine’s Day treat, à la Meowingtons. Treat yourself to an eye candy buffet, chock-full of some aesthetically pleasing gentlemen holding even more adorable cats. It's time these crazy cat dudes get some appreciation. Move over, Magic Mike, and say hello to Magic Me-ow

andre hamann men and their cats worst photos of men and their cats
These guys really know how to work a camera. They’ve got that “Blue Steel” look on lock. Remember to smize, boys!


blue steel zoolander
Phantom of the Opurra, anyone? If these two mysteriously appeared out of the shadows to serenade me with the sweet, sweet music of the night, I’d let them at least finish the song. It’s rude to interrupt, right? Yeah. Right?

Is it getting hot in here, or is that just the global warming? Either way, call the fire department ‘cause this fireman and his fluffy firehouse cat has got me feeling' a li’l warm under the collar.

absolute worst pictures of men and cats
This kind, handsome boy is clearly wearing those killer shades to shield his eyes from the sheer brilliance radiating from his British Shorthair.

men and cats tumblr
He’s color coordinating with his cat, which, might I add, is wearing that bow tie to perfection? Need I say more?

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Nothing says, “I love you, bro” like a nose bump, bro.

hot men and cats
This hunk is really embracing his inner feline and, boy, is he working those soft, fluffy ears. The guy doesn’t look half bad either.

men and their cats
Who needs a scarf (or a, um, shirt) when you’ve got a perfectly shaped, perfectly draped cat friend?

hot guys with cats real men love cats

Oh, the secrets you’ll learn when ogling rustic cowboys in their natural environs. Ten-gallon hats also double as efficient kitten holders. That leaves two free arms to hug you!


I wouldn’t mind being wrapped up in that purrito.

purritos cuddling
It isn't all just about looks, you gotta hit the books! Even these fuzzy bedfellows know reading is fundamental.

college humor cats

Catnaps are also fundamental, and these three can keep you warm with their lustrous fur. Watch out for tickly whiskers, though.

beards hipster manbuns
Okay, this just isn’t fair. This picture gave me a serious case of the “warm and fuzzies” and also melted all of the chocolate I already bought myself.

Is anyone else getting sleepy?
men and their cats
Wakey, wakey, it's time for cuddles!
valentines day gifts for him

And sweet kitty kisses (Shh, I'm not crying, you're crying.)
funny cat pictures

You know this is a healthy, strong boy. He can hold two cats at once. I’m sure I could hop in his arms and he’d carry all three of us off into the sunset without even breaking a sweat.
guys of instagram

Why he scream? Hmm. I guess I'd probably scream too if I woke up staring into those beautiful eyes. But like a good scream, though, like "Hah! See, Mom! I told you I'd hook one someday!"
why he scream tumblr

When your cat is really feeling the Bern.

feel the bern birdie sanders meme

Image Source: Instagram / @hotdudeswithkittens
Written By: Cortney Licata
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