The Purfect Cat Toys to Ensure You Get a Good Night's Sleep September 26 2016, 1 Comment

As you know, we love cats. 

Meowingtons is a one stop shop for all your crazy cat lady needs. But there has been missing something. 

Something that is pretty important if you are a lover of cats. 

And finally we are happy to announce..we finally carry CAT TOYS in our store! You no longer have to explain to your cat that you spent all your money on things for yourself. So the next time you buy yourself any new cat jewelry, apparel, and home decor, your cat will be getting something too! It's a win-win!   

1. Midnight Craze Cat Toy

meowingtons cat toys


Indoor cats rarely get enough exercise. With this toy you can roll it around and they will go crazy hitting it around the room, until it gets stuck under the table and they kindly meow really loud until you get it out for them.

2. Feather Ball Cat Wand

Cat toy


It is said that if you spend 10-20 minutes playing with your cat before bed they are more likely to stay asleep at night. Which means you do too! This wand is the perfect way to lay in bed and play with your kitty before bed time, you get some good laughs and they get the hunting bug out of their system! 

3. Mouse Cat Toy

cat toy

This little cutie will have your cat running around the house all day! The mouse shape mixed with the feathers makes it irresistible to them!