Famous Cats with Unusual Markings January 11 2017, 5 Comments

These felines have taken the Internet by storm with their attention-grabbing looks. Whether it’s a heart-shaped nose or a hidden message in their fur, these cats aren’t afraid to show what makes them different.

Stache the Cat is an Oriental Shorthair who’s been likened to such celebrities as Adrien Brody and Groucho Marx. When I first saw Stache, the irreverent Charlie Chaplin came to mind.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat is not throwin’ away his shot at Interwebs fame, making his debut with a delightfully twirled mustache marking, reminiscent of the artist Salvador Dali.

Meet Sam. Sam has eyebrows. Sam looks a little worried. It’s okay, Sam. Who wouldn’t be worried in this economy?

Like Sam, Lilly’s got a pair of expressive brows, making it hard to tell what she’s really thinking. Is she happy? Angry? Judging my life choices? I can tell you what I’m thinking, though: “This cat has better eyebrow game than I do.” Maybe she should be judging me.

This cat's marking looks like it comes from a galaxy far, far away … Rebels watch out for incoming TIE Fighters.

Scrappysource This is one cat whose transformation is hard to believe. Known as Scrappy, this cat was born your run-of-the-mill black cat. Around age seven, his black fur began to turn white. The reason for Scrappy’s color change was unknown by his owners until recently when, at the amazing age of 19, he was confirmed to have vitiligo. Vitiligo is a skin condition that doesn’t really affect health or cause any pain, but it does result in the beautiful lace or cobweb pattern. Pigment begins fading from the skin and fur of the animal, turning it white. Cats aren’t the only ones who can be born with vitiligo: dogs, horses and even people can exhibit this stunning coloration!

You’ve heard of “Inception,” starring Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio. Now get ready for Catception, starring … Well, a cat within a cat! I can only imagine what a Russian nesting doll cat would look like: a cat within a cat within a cat within a cat …

To finish up this line-up of fantastically colored felines, we’ve got Thor the Bengal cat. While he’s got the stripes and spots common for his breed, his colors make him look closer to a Bengal Tiger than a Bengal cat!

By: Cortney Licata