10 Cats Who Got in The Way of PokemonGO. July 14 2016, 1 Comment

A new app called PokemonGO is slowly trying to take over my life and news feed. Think Angry Birds or Candy Crush but WAY more hype. The following PokemonGO has received in just one week of being out is just plain madness.  

What is it?

PokemonGO is an app that follows the basic idea behind the all so popular Pokemon anime series where the characters travel the world seeking out these 'pocket monsters' to train and battle with others. Now with this app it allows users to wander their neighborhood or where ever they are in search of Pokemon characters who pop-up as in real life (or rather on your iPhone screen).  I will admit the idea is pretty awesome and one of the first video games that gets people OUT of the house. Which is all good in my book. As Pokémon Go rolls out worldwide there’s no telling the lengths people will go to to catch ‘em all. 

Now clearly cats who own everything are starting to get involved. We asked our Snapchat followers to send us photos of their cats with Pokemon and the results were pretty adorable. 

You're Welcome.

1. Mom, are you sure you want to keep playing with that strange thing and not me?

Meowingtons Pokemongo Cats who play

2. RAWR! Take that Pokemon.

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup

3. Hey mom look I caught him first!

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup pokemongo

4. All this adventure has me feeling sleepy.

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup


meowingtons kitty love cat makeup

6. Hmm nice try but no.

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup pokemongo

7. MOM get that thing off my head!

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup pokemongo

8. I'd help you mom but I just ate lunch.

meowingtons kitty love cat makeup

9.  Clearly, this little guy is not impressed someone else is getting his attention. 

Meowingtonss pokemonGO

10.  He doesn't even know! 

meowingtons kitty love pokemon


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