These Cats Are Silently Judging Your Life Choices June 15 2018, 0 Comments

Any cat owner knows the most judgmental person in your household isn't a person at all. It's your cat. You know the old expression "If looks could kill"? Well, if looks could kill, these cats would slay us with their withering stares of judgment. Scroll at your own risk and only if you have the self-esteem of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.  You've been warned!  

"Did you really just use Comic Sans in your e-mail?"


This cat's not angry. Just disappointed. 

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Okay, this one's just plain angry.  

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This cat's judging you for meatless Stir Fry-days, Jessica. No veggies for this kitty! 

This fella thinks you're exactly five minutes late to fill his food bowl. Again

This ginger fluff is pretty sure you said something about a "new kitten." 

This cat knows you switched to the cheaper wet food and tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. 


This cat can't believe you swiped right on a guy that said, "I'm more of a dog person." 

This cat, who just realized where the red dot comes from. 

This guy is judging you from the high road, which he took.  

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This cat, who has been watching you try to take the perfect selfie all afternoon and wants you to put the phone down. 


Your dentist isn't the only one who thinks you need to floss more. 

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Or that you definitely don't brush your teeth for long enough. 


This cat knows all your "dirty laundry" - literally and figuratively - and is judging you for it. 

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This cat is judging your concept of feng shui. 

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This cat just wants the "omg we're so goofy" selfies to stop. Immediately. 


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