Cats That Are Jerks in All The Right Ways. August 01 2016, 2 Comments

If there is anything that all cat owners know to be true, it is that cats will be cats. Period. End of story. There are so many moments when you just have to give up trying to figure them out. 

It is more fun to just sit back and enjoy their strange behavior than try and figure it out anyways. Here at Meowingtons HQ our office cats are constantly distracting us from work, but no one complains :) 

Here is a list of cats that have all done something very..interesting. Why? We don't know, but it's funny so enjoy. 

1. Now this sounds like a very interesting and messy situation. 

Meowingtons cat note funny

2. What a sweet cat, sharing with its long time enemy. 

meowingtons cat

3. That face says it all.

meowingtons cat

4. Well, who needs it anyways?

Meowingtons cat theme

5. WELL thank you for that reminder kind little kitty.

Meowingtons cat theme

6. That hairless creature is freakin meowt!

7. Who doesn't?


8. This is just CRAZY.

9. Interesting. 


10. Reason: Cat. 


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