Um, Did You Know Meowingtons Has An All Cat Newsletter? July 27 2016, 12 Comments

Yes! The rumors are true. Meowingtons has a newsletter that is COMPLETELY AND TOTALY ABOUT CATS. 




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What to expect when you sign up:

Not a week goes by without cats doing something absolutely incredible. SO we will send you the most important cat news of the week every Caturday. 

Think of it like game highlights but for cats. Like this cat for example.

Or news about this cat, Moon Unit, that was reunited with its parents after 8 years and 280 miles of adventure. That's right, Moon Unit was last seen in London. Her owners had lost hope after 8 years. But they got an email from L’association d’Aide et de Défense des Animaux en Détresse saying the chip they found in Moon Unit linked to the Bermondsey address. The catch is the cat was found in PARIS! 280 miles away from its home. 

The owners were beside themselves when learning it really was the cat they never thought they would see again. They noted the once young cat prone to biting and scratching, she was a ‘bit more mellow’ now and has lost all her teeth but was so happy to be home. Read more here.


You can also expect random fun facts & photos that will make you giggle. 


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up below!

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