5 Quirky Cat Behaviors - Explained December 14 2016, 13 Comments

Nearly 100 million cats are kept as pets in the US. This means more houses with cats than dogs (cats rule, dogs drool). Cat's presence online is insane, dog videos can't even hold a candle.  

My theory is that dogs are somewhat predictable, whereas cats can be a bit mysterious. Who knows, maybe I am bias (I am) but I think cats are the most interesting creatures. I looked into some of their strange behaviors to help understand them a little better. So here are some common, yet still perplexing cat habits explained.

1. Why do cats intentionally knock objects off tables?

This habit is a cute one, as long as the object they are pushing off the table is not your phone or your glass of wine. Cats are curious creatures, they are just bored and exploring. If this habit is causing issues (broken phones and glasses) buy a few cat toys to help keep them entertained! 

2. Why do cats love computers so much?

Whenever I sit on down on my laptop, my cat spends some time rubbing his head on it and walking over the keyboard and then eventually ends up passing out on or beside it. From what I have read about this habit, your kitty just wants your attention and this strange warm thing is taking it so they do what they can.  

3. Why do cats suddenly freak out for no apparent reason?

This has to be one of my favorite of the strange behaviors. My cat tends to do this whenever I have company over. So rather than hiding like most cats, he runs around the house like a MAD MAN. My guests are always entertained, I think he likes making people laugh. I did some reading and this is what I found:

Cats become frustrated with their inactivity and usually resort to running around in order to counter act their boredom, Bradshaw explained in Scientific American."The slightest movement, perhaps just a speck of dust caught in a shaft of light, can set them off," Bradshaw noted.

Makes sense too! 

4. Why do cats love boxes?

Now this is one that ALL cats, big and small, can relate to! Cats are wired as independent creatures who hunt and are hunted. Living alone in the wild can be a scary place! According to a study conducted by the University of Utrecht's School of Veterinary Medicine, some cats hide in boxes as a way to reduce short-term stress. 

While in a small space (box) a cat is able to observe its surroundings in peace. 

5. Why is my cat always meowing? Is it because they are upset?

My cat is EXTREMELY vocal, I mean we can basically talk for hours. Do I think it is because he is upset? No. He has all sorts of 'meows', there are happy, hungry, mad, and bored. The more you chat with your cat, the more they will chat back. Now it is important to pay attention to these meows, it could mean they are hurt or stressed. But chances are you will be able to tell a sad meow from a happy one. If they seem ok to you, then they are just trying to get your attention for some treats. 


Does your cat have any strange behaviors? Comment and let us know!