Blind Cat Spends Her Days Hiking With Her Best Friend March 27 2017, 3 Comments

Taking care of a cat with disabilities or special needs (sometimes considered "less adoptable" cats) can be challenging. But it can also be incredibly inspiring and rewarding.


The adventures of Stevie, a blind cat, and her owner, Patrick Corr, remind us what care, patience, dedication, and love can do. In an interview with The Huffington Post, Corr explained that he was “never really a cat person,” but Stevie changed his mind. “I think Stevie is a truly remarkable cat and I wanted to capture how I truly felt about her and share that with the world in a meaningful way."


Stevie reminds us how cats, and all pets for that matter, can change and enrich our lives, even if it's just the joy of exploring the beauty of the world at their side, or simply watching them enjoy an afternoon of basking in the warm sun. 




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