Me Leaving The Stores On BLACK FRIDAY November 20 2018, 0 Comments

When your friend wakes you up at 3 am to go stand in line.


Good thing you were already prepped to stake out those doorbuster sales. 


We're all going to wait in the same line, bud.



When someone tries to skip in line and say "they just stepped out to pee" but you've been here for 24 hours already.



But then they offer you some parking lot hot dogs and they're your new best friend.


When they finally open the doors at 4 am and you walk into that first store on Black Friday like ...


"I'm just here to buy the things on my list. That's it. NOTHING else."
Literally two seconds later:


What you feel like doing when someone tries to buy the last TV but you had your eyes on it:


What you actually do: "Please, sir, this television is for my sister's cat's sick aunt!"

What it feels like walking out of all the madness when you've finally got all the gifts you need.


Versus when you finally get home and unload all the bags.



Your face when you realize you didn't have to leave the comfort of your home on Black Friday because Meowingtons is still having a huge Black Friday sale, all online!